I *Was* RCA

A letter from a formerly RCA, now UCC minister, the Rev. Kenneth Walsh.
Dear General Synod 2016,
I was RCA.
I was baptized on November 25, 1956 at the First Reformed Church in Little Falls, New Jersey and served in RCA for over 40 years. I was called to the ministry and was ordained in 1984. I served churches throughout the country as an RCA pastor, but I had a secret. Although married and had a family….I had a secret. I was gay. I tried to change, thinking that marriage would be the answer, as well as intense prayer. The reality….I am still gay. I worked for years to change the RCA, even bringing my church to become an Room for All congregation, but in my mind, I would hear: “If they only knew.” and the pressure and the guilt would wash over me. Yes, I was RCA! Four years ago, I hit a crisis. My physical health was matching my emotional health and I knew I had no place in the RCA. In resigning from my pastorate, I made the move to the UCC, where I could be safe. But, I grieve my move. I miss the RCA and my pastorate, but not the pressure.
I watched with amazement and horror at the arguments of General Synod, 2016 and I felt agin the pressure of my inner heart. I grieve for a church I love that seems to have no place for me or my sisters and brothers. Why is it so difficult to be Jesus in the world?
Rev. Kenneth Walsh

About Stacey Midge

Minister, musician, hockey fan, dog lover, food and drink aficionado, and occasional social justice warrior.
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3 Responses to I *Was* RCA

  1. James Hart Brumm says:

    Thank you, Ken.

  2. Marilyn Paarlberg says:

    I am so grateful that you have added your voice, here, Ken, even as I grieve that leaving the RCA is what finally made it possible. In my mind, you still *are* RCA, and I hope, pray and work for the day that you might feel welcomed back.

  3. Gene Knapp says:

    Beautifully said, Ken. You know how much we all miss you around here and send lots of love. Your friendship is immeasurable!

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