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Lectionary Ranting – Genesis 29

As some of you know, I’ve been putting the lectionary passages from Genesis into a series for the past few weeks. I’ve been going pretty heavy on the angle of “Look, these are human beings, in a very different culture … Continue reading

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A Sermon on Genesis 28:10-22

This week was less scripted than usual, so there is no transcript available for this sermon. However, I wanted to put up an outline for those who missed it and are trying to follow the series on Origin Stories. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Lectionary Blogging – Genesis 28:10-19

Or maybe 28:10-22. The lectionary cuts things off awkwardly, and I’m not sure Jacob’s response should be disconnected. Also, newsflash, Stewardship Sunday isn’t the only time we are allowed to talk about generous, grateful giving. Ahem. Also, please read all … Continue reading

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“Sibling Rivalry” A Sermon on Genesis 25:19-34

I often think the book of Genesis is like an extended soap opera. Every time you think things are sorted out and everyone is going to be okay, you flip the page and there is some new melodrama. We’ve had … Continue reading

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Stacey Explains It All #1: Capsule Cooking

During a recent conference, it was suggested to me that I start sharing my life skills with other young, single, women ministers (and maybe make them available to other people who might be interested, too) in a blog or video … Continue reading

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Lectionary Blogging – Genesis 24

After last week, the lectionary passage for Sunday is quite the relief. Abraham is not being a jerk. God is not giving any unreasonable commands. A woman gets to make her own, more or less autonomous choice about her future, … Continue reading

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Waking Up White Lesson Plan

My congregation has been holding a group study of Waking Up White by Debby Irving. I led the final session, and had some requests to put the lesson plan online for those who missed the discussion or wanted to look back at … Continue reading

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